Alumni Testimony

Studying in this department inded gave me bunch of advantages. It is a pride for me for being a part of the Economic Development Department which has comitment not only for the sciences, but also for personality building. The lecturers’ competence and the curriculum including the academic atmosphere is always support the students to compete creatively.


‘Aisyah Nurul Hidayati SE (Batch 2011)
Member of Commission D (DPRD, Semarang Regency)

My experience studying in Economic Development UMY was really support my profession as Financial Sector Analist in Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Board (PPN/Bappenas). The condusive studying atmosphere was really hepl me to deepen my passion in the economic field, especially the financial sector.

Muhibbudin Ahmad Al-Muqorrobin, S.E.
Alumnus of Batch 2009
Junior Analist in Directorate of Financial Services and BUMN,
Ministry  Team of National Committee on Sharia Finance Establishment

Enjoyable learning environment and friends make me comfortable studying in the IPIEF program. Lots of research experience, entrepreneurship and lead me to higher studies.

Susilo Nur Aji Cokro Darsono, S.E., MRDM
Lecturer of Development Economics Study Program (EKPI & IPIEF)
IPIEF alumni and Khon Kaen University, Thailand