Ayief Fathurrahman, S.E., S.E.I., M.S.I

Ayief Fathurrahman, S.E., S.E.I., M.S.I


Name and Title Ayief Fathurrahman, S.E., S.E.I., M.S.I
Academic Rank
Study Program Development Economics
Office Address E4 Building, 2nd floor, Brawijaya Street, Tamantirto, Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta 55183
Official and Personal Email Ayif.fathurrahman@umy.ac.id , Ayief_ospp@yahoo.com
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Employee Indentification Number 19870228201304 143095
National Lecturer Identification Number 0528028701
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Year of Graduation Education Level and Title Study Program University and Country
2009 Bachelor Islamic Finance UIN Sunan Kalijaga
2009 Bachelor Management Universitas Islam Indonesia
2011 Master Magister of Islamic Study (Islamic Economy) Universitas Islam Indonesia
2018 Doctoral Doctoral Program of Economics Universitas Islam Indonesia

Year Description Name of Institution

Membership Of Professional Organization
Forum of Islamic Economic and Business Lecturers (FORDEBI)
ICIFE (International Council of Islamic Finance Educators)
Indonesian Institute of Islamic Economics Experts (IAEI)
Area Of Research
Sharia Finance
Islamic Finance Institution
Sharia Capital Market (Sukuk)
Education of Islamic Economy
Teaching Subjects
Islamic Economy
Tafseer of Economic and Business Hadith
Islamic Macro Economy
Islamic Micro Economy
Islamic Capital Market
Philosophy of Islamic Economics
History of Islamic Economic Thought
Research Grant Received
Year Research Title Amount of Fund received and Name of Sponsoring institution Name of Chairman and member of Team URL of Research Report
Implication of e-Money against Welfare in Indonesia according to an Islamic Perspective (In Bahasa Indonesia: Implikasi e-Money Terhadap Kesejahteraan di Indonesia Menurut Perspektif Islam) UMY, Rp. 10.000.000 Yuli Utami, Ayif Fathurrahman http://repository.umy.ac.id/handle/123456789/13995
Community Services Grant Received
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Duration Position
Non-Academics (Such As Participation In Social And Community /Business/Government Organisation)
Name of Organization Organization Scope(Local/National/International) Position Year of activities
Muslim Youth Movement of Murung Raya (Pergerakan Pemuda Muslim Murung Raya (P2MM)) Local Chairman 2017-2018
Family Harmony of Bakumpai Yogyakarta (Kerukunan Keluarga Bakumpai Yogyakarta) Local Secretary 2015-2020
IKA HIPMA Murung Raya Local Advisor 2015-2020
Tablig Muhammadiyah Assembly (Majelis Tablig Muhammadiyah), PCM Banguntapan Selatan Local Member 2016-2021
Community Study Institute (Lembaga Kajian Masyarakat (e-LKIM PPUII)) Local Secretary 2007-2008


Reviewing the Normatiove Foundation of Islamic Banking in Indonesia (the Study of the Classical Theory of Fiqh Construction)


(In Bahasa Indonesia: Meninjau Ulang Landasan normatif Perbankan Syariah di Indonesia (studi tentang teori konstruksi fiqh klasik). (Mandiri)

Jurnal Al-Mawarid FIAI UII, Vol. XI, No.1, 1-16, 2010 http://jurnal.uii.ac.id/JHI/article/viewFile/2849/2605
The Prospects for the Development of Islamic Economics in Indonesia in the Perspective of Philosophical Science (Independent)

(In Bahasa Indonesia: Prospek Pengembangan ekonomi Islam di Indonesia dalam Perspektif Filsafat Ilmu. (Mandiri)

Jurnal LA_RIBA FIAI UII. Vol IV. No. 2, 179-195, 2010 http://jurnal.uii.ac.id/index.php/JEI/article/viewFile/2590/2371
Fractional Reserve Banking: A Representation of All (Review of Islamic Economics)

(In Bahasa Indonesia: Fractional Reserve Banking: Sebuah representasi semua (Tinjauan Ekonomi Islam))

Jurnal LA_RIBA FIAI UII. Vol VI. No. 2 179-197, 2012 http://journal.uii.ac.id/index.php/JEI/article/view/2985
Indonesian Policy on Islamic Economic Perspectives: Case Study in Alleviating Poverty

(In Bahasa Indonesia: Kebijakan Fiskal Indonesia tentang Perspektif Ekonomi Islam: Studi kasus dalam mengentaskan kemiskinan)

Jurnal Ekonomi dan Studi Pembangunan FE UMY. Vol. XIII. No. 1, 71-82, 2012 http://journal.umy.ac.id/index.php/esp/article/view/1265
Alternative Investment Model: A Comparative Study between Conventional and Islam

(In Bahasa Indonesia: Model Investasi Alternatif  : Sebuah Studi Komparatif Antara Konvensional Dan Islam)

Jurnal UNISIA UII Vol.XXXIV. No 17 July, 2012 http://journal.uii.ac.id/index.php/Unisia/article/view/5569/4948
Globalization: Steps towards Global Westernization (A Study of International Political Economy)

(In Bahasa Indonesia: Globalisasi : Langkah Menuju Westernisasi Global (Sebuah Kajian Ekonomi Politik Internasional))

Jurnal Akademika STAIN Jurai Siwo Metro. Vol. XVIII. No. 1 January-June 2012 http://e-journal.metrouniv.ac.id/index.php/akademika/article/view/167
Sharia Maqäsid Approach: Construction of Islamic Economics and Finance Development

(In Bahasa Indonesia: Pendekatan Maqäsid syariah: Konstruksi Terhadap Pengembangan Ilmu Ekonomi Dan Keuangan Islam)

Hunafa: Jurnal Studia Islamika Vol 11, No 2 (2014): EKONOMI ISLAM. 193-21 https://jurnalhunafa.org/index.php/hunafa/article/view/354
Fractional Reserve Free-Banking in Maslahah’s Perspective: A Comparison of Islamic Economic Thought and Autrian Economics

(In Bahasa Indonesia: Fractional Reserve Free-Banking Dalam Perspektif Maslahah: Sebuah Komparasi Pemikiran Ekonomi Islam Dan  Ekonomi Austria)

Jurnal Akademika (Terakreditasi) STAIN Jurai Siwo Metro. Volume 20 No 2 July-December 2015.  http://e-journal.metrouniv.ac.id/index.php/akademika/article/view/449
Development of Domestic Sukuk Market: A Review of Agenda and Policy

(In Bahasa Indonesia: Perkembangan Pasar Sukuk Domestik : Sebuah Kajian Agenda Dan Kebijakan)

Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah Vol 2, No 1September 2017 http://jes.unisla.ac.id/index.php/jes/article/viewFile/46/22


مقاصد الشريعة هي نظام الإستدلالي في تطوير علم الإقتصاد و التمويل الإسلامي‎ International Conference on Islamic Economics and Financial Inclusion (ICIEFI 2015) “Towards Establishing an Economic Equilibrium encompassing Real and Monetary Sectors, and Poverty Eradication. http://repository.umy.ac.id/handle/123456789/2905

Speakers in seminar, training, public lecturer, technical assistant etc
As Speaker
Year Title Of Presentation, Name Of Forum/Event Url/Link Repository UMY/URL Berita
2017 The Role and Challenges of Sharia Economic Human Capital: Philosophical-Normative Study (In Bahasa Indonesia: Peran Dan Tantangan Human Capital Ekonomi Syariah : Kajian Filosofis-Normatif) (Seminar on Sharia Financial Prospects after the Establishment of KNKS, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, Director General of Financial Management and Risk, 2017 (Seminar on Prospek Keuangan Syariah Pasca Pembentukan KNKS, Kementerian Keuangan RI, Dirjen Pengelolaan Pembiyaan dan risiko, 2017)) http://repository.umy.ac.id/handle/123456789/14200
2017 Financial Intermediary Study of Sharia Banks (Comparative Study of Fractional Reserve Free-Banking Theory (In Bahasa Indonesia: Kajian Financial Intermediary Bank Syariah (Studi Komparatif Teori fractional reserve free-banking) National Seminar on Reflection on 25 Years of Sharia banking, Opportunities and Challenges, 2017 (National Seminar Refleksi 25 Tahun Perbankan Syariah, Peluang dan Tantangan, 2017) http://repository.umy.ac.id/handle/123456789/17748
2017 Sharia Bank: Study of Role and Resilience (Case Study in Indonesia) (In Bahasa Indonesia: Bank Syariah: Kajian Peran Dan Ketahanan (Studi Kasus Di Indonesia)) Mini Conference on Islamic Economics, Management and Accounting (4th MCIEMA) 2017 http://repository.umy.ac.id/handle/123456789/17749
2018 Position of Sharia Bank in the Digital Economy Era: A Normative-Inductive Philosophical Study (In Bahasa Indonesia: Posisi Bank Syariah Di Era Ekonomi Digital: Sebuah Kajian Filosofis Normatif-induktif) Masyhudi Monthly Discussion IX, Universitas Alma Ata. 2018 http://repository.umy.ac.id/handle/123456789/17750
2017 Islam, Hajj Fund and National Development (In Bahasa Indonesia: Islam, Dana Haji Dan Pembangunan Nasional) The Fifth General Discussion of BI Corner Lecture Series (Diskusi Umum BI, 2017 Corner Lecture Series edisi ke-V, 2017) http://repository.umy.ac.id/handle/123456789/17751
2015 Sukuk and Development: Sharia Secutities Prospectus (In Bahasa Indonesia: Sukuk Dan Pembangunan : Prospektus Sekuritas Syariah) Study of Sharia Economic Intellectual Forum, 2015 (Kajian Forum Intelektual Ekonomi Syariah, 2015) http://repository.umy.ac.id/handle/123456789/17752
As Participant
Year Title Of Presentation, Name Of Forum/Event Url/Link Repository UMY/URL Berita