Education System

Learning System

The learning system is built on planning that is relevant to the purpose, the realm of learning and the hierarchy. Learning is carried out using challenging strategies and techniques, encouraging students to think critically about exploring, creating and experimenting with the use of multiple sources. The learning model also encourages students to actively seek referral sources through online media as material for classroom discussions and presentations so that students are taught how to utilize data sources optimally.

Implementation of learning has mechanisms to monitor, review, and periodically improve lecture activities (attendance of lecturers and students), preparation of lecture materials, and assessment of learning outcomes.

In the planning of Teaching and Learning Activities (KBM) in order that the resulting outcome has the expected competence, the Economic Development Study Program designs a structured, integrated and comprehensive curriculum. The flow of the lectures to form a particular path (structured) so as to produce complete competence as an expert economist in their field. The design and type of courses are structured in an integrated form of complete competence as well so that the combination of several courses can produce certain competencies.

Overall, the compiled curriculum and the designed learning method will produce graduates competing in the field of economics (major competencies) with certain advantages (supporting competencies) and other skills that support the career of economists (other competencies).


Practicum Description:

  1. Computer Appreciation Practicum
    This Practicum uses MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Software.
  2. Computer Application Practicum
    This Practicum uses SPSS and EVIEWS Software.
  3. Sharia Banking Practicum
    This practice is an enhanced learning model of the previously implemented SBOP or Shariah Banking Operation Program model.


Name of the Practicum

Hours of Implementation



Practice Computer Appreciation

1 Hour/week (12Xmeeting)

Laboratory IT and Computer Center


Practice Electronic Data Processing

1 Hour/week (12Xmeeting)

Laboratory IT and Computer Center


Practice Syariah Banking

2 Hour/week (14Xmeeting)

Mini Bank of FE UMY