Job Vacancies

Career Development Center (CDC) is expected to become one of the tools to make people believe that UMY is not only giving birth to students and alumni who are smart, but also giving birth to alumni who are ready to face the competition of work world, ease of getting job vacancy and able to create job field with applying Islamic values. People will have hope when they will include their children to study at UMY. So that later UMY is one of the universities that graduated people who are ready to use in the face of this global competition.

CDC UMY is a bridge between UMY with the use of graduates. The task is to communicate the graduate data to the company, disseminate job vacancy information to graduates with various communication media, and cooperate with the company to do recruitment on campus and training for students and graduates.

To improve students' readiness and quality to face the challenges and preparation of the world of work, CDC conducts trainings such as self management training (AMT), smart spiritual quotient training (SSQ), effective communication training, problem solving training, decision making, training / outbound personal cohesiveness and synergy strength, job hunting training (making cover letter and curriculum vitae (CV), facing psychology and job interview).